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Release Date: Monday, 15th July 2019

Release Time: 9AM EST (USA)

2PM BST (UK) | 6:30PM IST (INDIA) | 11pm ACT (Australia)

Launch Price: $12.95

What is YT Supremacy?

YT Supremacy is a video course guiding you through various methods from starting a youtube channel, gaining authority for your channel and gaining ranking for your videos long term.

What is covered in YT Supremacy?

There are several keys topics covered in this course:

  • Setting up your YouTube channel
  • YouTube channel niche
  • To show or not show your face
  • How to rank YouTube videos
  • Building authority
  • Tips and tricks for authority
  • Creating effective thumbnails
  • Optimising YouTube videos
  • Build an IFTTT network

Having purchased a few of Chris’ other courses, I can tell you that he will add more value to the course by adding more video content from time to time included in the course purchase. Also, he has said the course will be updated over time when required which is great.

Buy now to get my bonuses....

Why buy YT Supremacy?

If you are looking to make money online with affiliate products or your own products, you need to rank your videos in the first few results and in Google search results.

This course is great for beginners and advanced marketers, everyone can learn some tricks and tips from these to master vide marketers.

Chris Derenberger and Robin Palmer are masters in the field of YouTube video authority and ranking, they have been there and done it – for years! They constantly rank videos above massive creators for almost every big product launch.

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This is a product launch for a popular new product, guess who is ranked #1 and #2 – these guys just get it. They are offering you the secrets of their success in a very affordable course.

Making money with YT Supremacy

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The main aim of the course is to help you learn how to use YouTube to make money whether by promoting affiliate products or selling your own products, the methods in the course will help your channel gain authority – even BRAND NEW channels can rank number 1!

OTO Offers

As with most products, there are a few one time only offers:

ytsupremacy otos

OTO 1: Case Studies

Cost $27

OTO 1 is a set of 4 case studies all about how to use your YouTube authority channel status to profit from high ticket sales and gain from launch jacking. The 4 case studies at launch are:

  • High Ticket Sales #1
  • High Ticket Sales #2
  • Launch Jacking #1
  • Launch Jacking #2

In my opinion, the case studies are always worth it, you get step by step, practically over the shoulder guidance, on how to use YouTube to promote products and make money online.

OTO 2: Affiliate Videos

Cost $47

OTO 2 is a guide on how to promote all sorts of affiliate products with video marketing without having to write a load of content and hope Google ranks your content. In this video series you will learn about:

  • Using Google Trends for finding niches
  • Understanding buyer intent keywords
  • Video keywords that rank much better
  • Creating video around “solving problems”
  • Hot to find affiliate products to promote

OTO 3: YT Personas

Cost $97

OTO 3 is probably the best of the lot, access to the YT Personas course which goes through in detail how to create YouTube profiles and use them to rank your videos. This is a great course that I own and use, it really works! In this course you will learn:

  • Getting started with the setup
  • Setting up accounts in Google Chrome
  • Setting up and using your YouTube persona accounts
  • Alternative ways to create YouTube accounts


The seller has provided some bonuses but, I have created some exclusive custom bonuses which are directly related to YT Supremacy to help you get more out of the course. I have also included some other helpful bonuses which you should find helpful.

Multiple ways to create YT thumbnails free bonus

Multiple Ways to Create YouTube Thumbnails for FREE!

This is a custom made video guide to help you make YouTube thumbnails for free, I go through a few different methods and tools.

YT authority ebook bonus

YouTube Authority Ebook

This is a great ebook to help you gain an understanding of YouTube Authority and its’ importance in ranking videos.

YT Authority Video Course Bonus

YouTube Authority Video Course

This is a follow on from the ebook, it is a full video course providing more depth into YouTube authority and ranking.

YT SEO v2 Video Course Bonus

YouTube Channel SEO V2 Video Course

This is a valuable course going over the importance of YouTube SEO and video ranking.


The seller has provided 4 additional bonuses:

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