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In this WP Affiliate Suite review, I will show you why I believe the course is a valuable learning tool for both beginner and experienced affiliate marketers.  The course covers how to correctly set up WordPress to create a fully functioning and more importantly, ranking WordPress affiliate site.

Beginners will appreciate how Chris goes through the process step by step and advanced users will pick up tips on how to improve existing sites, I certainly picked up a few tips!

LAUNCHING 3rd February @ 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 7:30pm IST

What is WP Affiliate Suite?

WP Affiliate Suite is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of starting and ranking a WordPress affiliate site.

You will learn all of the steps to get started with affiliate marketing and then move on to WordPress training.

As a bonus, you also get a free custom theme to get you started.  Chris goes through the process of modifying the theme and adding content.

How much does WP Affiliate Suite cost?

The pricing is very reasonable for such a thorough course, there are OTO upgrades but they are optional – although highly recommended.

Upsells and OTOs

  • FE: Front End Product $12.95 on launch date rising to $16.95 on 6th Feb
  • OTO1: Advanced SEO Strategies $47
  • OTO2: WP Coupon Strategy $47
  • OTO3: DFY Themes Bundle $197
  • OTO3 DS: DFY Themes Bundle Personal $97

What is covered in WP Affiliate Suite?

The course covers pretty much everything to get you started in affiliate marketing with WordPress.

WP Affiliate Suite Review - Members Area
WP Affiliate Suite – Members Area

The member’s area shown above is where all of the course materials are located.  You will only see links in the menu if you have purchased the upsell courses – I have purchased the OTOs so I get all of the menu items.

Affiliate Training

The Affiliate Training module covers the basics of affiliate marketing from how affiliate marketing works, getting approved, which networks to join and choosing the right keywords.

This module is ideal if you are completely new to affiliate marketing and did not know where to start.

Chris shows you his own real proof of income from affiliate marketing on various platforms, this should spur you on to implement what you will learn throughout the course.

WordPress Training

If you are new to WordPress, you should find this very useful.  The course will go over the beginning stage of hosting, buying a domain and setting up WordPress.

It moves on to WordPress plugins, theme customisation, newsletter, writing the articles, affiliate links, indexing and even analytics to track visitors.

50K Internet Keyword List

This list is available with the front end purchase, it is a massive list of keywords with Google Ad CPC values. The higher the ad value, the more competitive usually. If you follow the steps in the course, you can rank for some expensive keywords too.

This doesn’t mean you should target these keywords, you can target similar keywords in these niches and rank for long-tail keywords.

Advanced SEO Training (OTO1)

This is an additional item not included in the front end offer but worth the investment.  This takes you to the next level in getting your content ranked on Google.

The topics are all related to getting your content ranked at the top or as far up the SERP (search engine results page) as possible.

Without going into too much detail as that would be unfair to Chris, this module covers the changes you can make to your content to optimise it for search engines.

There are various things you can do both on-page and off-page to achieve better rankings.  Social media, linking, anchor text and even expired domains are talked about. Chris provides proof and results of these methods.

Affiliate Coupon Strategy (OTO2)

This is another addon module that Chris has used and appears to be quite effective and easy to implement.  You also get a bonus theme with this module.

If you promote affiliate products and the provide coupons then this is a must-have addon as it gives you a chance to retain affiliate income that might otherwise have been lost.  I’ll say no more.

DFY Niche Themes

These are done for you niche themes that are ready for content and expedite the approval process when requesting to promote products.  There are 50+ themes, for a one-off cost, you can grab them all!

WP Affiliate Suite Review - DFY Themes
WP Affiliate Suite – DFY Themes

That includes the theme, plugins, content even a selection of logos.  Truly a ready to go bundle.

The full price bundle provides a commercial licence which means you can buy the themes and sell the site after building out.  This works out at under $4 per theme but you also get access to all future themes!

There is also a personal licence which is half the price but this is only for personal use, so you can build the sites by using any of the themes.

The themes include at least one custom logo, articles, banners, newsletter integration, premium stock photos and a speedy theme with the plugins.

There are a range of ready-made themes for most popular niches so you should get approved quickly when applying to promote products.  This includes Amazon and other networks.

What do the DFY themes look like?

The DFY themes look like real, professional affiliate websites complete with an image slider, logo, banners, opt-in form, social links and a couple of articles.

The theme is fast and easy to customise to suit any niche.  The starter articles are there to give an example of how your posts should look, just add your content and after adding some posts, you are ready to apply to affiliate networks with a visitor ready site!

WP Affiliate Suite Review - Free Theme
WP Affiliate Suite – Free Theme

This is the free theme supplied with the course, it has a few logos, banners and some starter articles. This is a great way to start your site and get ranking on Google fast. The articles follow the guidance in the course video in regard to layout, tags etc.

The theme is the same theme Chris works with in the video, he shows how to easily customise the theme to suit your needs.

Should I buy the OTOs for WP Affiliate Suite?

The short answer is yes, if you can afford to.

Unlike other marketers, Chris provides a great deal on information at a reasonable cost and he has been doing affiliate marketing for a long time.  I have known him to be an honest marketer who doesn’t delve into shady marketing tactics to extract more money from the buyer.

I got the chance to purchase the course early as I have all of Chris’ previous courses.  I didn’t hesitate when given the chance as I know the level of details he provides is second to none.  I also purchased the OTO1 and OTO2 upsells as that is where the main value was for me.

If you have the funds, at least buy OTO1 as there are 12 videos each providing excellent content to help your site rank.

WP Affiliate Suite Coupons & Discounts

During the launch period of 2nd Feb to 6th Feb, the price will start at $12.95 and the final price will be $16.95.  Grab it early for the discount, no discount or coupon code is required for WP Affiliate Suite.

Does WP Affiliate Suite really help ranking?

This course really does help you rank new sites and improve existing sites.  The tips and strategies are easy to implement and can drastically improve ranking.  This is not an overnight change, but over a period of days and weeks, you will see gains for your keywords.

This will even work for medium to hard competition keywords and niches i.e. weight loss.  The advanced SEO training will help you with these more competitive niches. 

Conclusion: Is WP Affiliate Suite worth it?

I think I have been pretty clear about what I think of the course, it is a real no-brainer of a purchase.  The front end course with the affiliate training and WordPress training is a good starting point and can get you on the ladder.

To climb the ladder and get to the top of the SERP you need a little more of a push, the Advanced SEO OTO gives you that push with some insightful advice and tips.

The OTO2 training is like getting some bonus affiliate income with amazingly little effort.

The DFY themes are all very fast, easy to configure and customise and ready to go.

This is a must buy course if you seriously want to make money in affiliate marketing.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a real business – every website you create with this is a real business – put in the effort, learn the techniques and make some ream sustainable income.


If you buy via my links, I will send you the following bonuses automatically:

Bonus 1: 20 Online Business Ideas Ebook

Bonus 2: 12 Point checklist for Building an Online Business Ebook

Bonus 3: Freedom Online Video Course

Bonus 4: Affiliate Rocket Video Course with Ebook

Bonus 5: Guide to Amazon and Ebay Affiliates Ebook

Bonus 6: Easy Online Income Streams Ebook

Bonus 7: Traffic Secrets Unleased Video Course and Ebook

Also, the vendor being the nice chap he is has provided some additional bonuses to download.

  • WordPress Bulk Importer plugin
  • WordPress Website Security plugin
  • Graphic Design Academy V4 course
  • WordPress Engagement Boost course
  • 6 Free Traffic methods course
  • Blog and Ping Automator plugin
  • AB Split Testing plugin
  • IM Infographics V1
  • IM Infographics V2
  • Redirects for Affiliate Links plugin
  • 3XRetention plugin
  • Business Infographics V1

Get WP Affiliate Suite Now!

If you want to create real sites with ranking content to get approved by affiliate networks quickly, you need this course!

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