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1stPageRanker Review with Ranking Proof

I picked up this product and tested it first before posting this review and the results amazed me, I was ranking position 1 for a £200 product and position 2 and 3 for a £400 product – all within minutes. Read my real review of 1stPageRanker and grab it quick before the price rises and the discount voucher is taken away.

What is 1stPageRanker?

1stPageRanker is a brilliant cloud-based tool that allows you to sneakily just to the top of YouTube and Google rankings within literally minutes.

It is based around the YouTube Live Events video where you schedule an event to go live instantly or schedule many months in advance – you don’t even need a video!

Why does 1stPageRanker work?

YouTube and Google prioritise live events and give them prominence at the top of search results, this works for almost anything. This has been working for a while but I never took advantage of it until now – doh!

Use cases for 1stPageRanker?

You may be wondering, why would you need this. Well, ask yourself, do you want to get more traffic and clicks by being in the top 3 results of Google and YouTube?

Some popular use cases include affiliate marketing and website traffic. Basically, anything that could benefit from being at the top of search rankings (everything!).

The beauty is, this is not ad traffic, not paid traffic in any way, all organic with amazing results.

Do I need a high-quality video to rank number 1?

Quite simply no, you don’t. For the first product, I took the time to make a video about the product as I wanted to test the live event results after the event had gone live. The video is posted and becomes a regular video, these don’t always hold ranking as well so leaving as a scheduled live event it best. Just change within the app to a future date.

You just need something to upload if you intend to maintain the live event placeholder, with the Pro upgrade you get a video spinner so you can spin another video and use that but never enable the video, just reschedule the live date.

1stPageRanker results & proof

You’ve heard it all before, products always claim that they will get you to number 1 in Google or YouTube or front page. Well, before the review I tested it with 2 videos. Both were for Amazon products worth £200-£400 (~$250-$500) and already had videos and reviews in Google and YouTube.

1stpageranker amazon product
1st in Google after ad

This was for a £200 product, within 2 minutes of posting the live event I was practically number 1, only beaten by a paid ad. It took me 5 minutes to make a thumbnail and I even went to the extra effort to make a watchable video review which took 15 minutes.

Granted, Amazon affiliate rates are poor but on a £200+ item they can bring in some income. This product was searched in Google and YouTube with 1000+ monthly searches. 24 hours later it was still up and ranking.

This product was also from Amazon, priced at £400 and quite popular. 10 minutes after posting the live event with 1stPageRanker I was ranked 2 and 3 (posted twice in error) and in the Google video pack on the first page.

With results like these, there is no need to think twice about buying 1stPageRanker to boost your organic traffic and make real affiliate commissions

The first YouTube channel was a new fresh channel I created, the second was a channel I already had with 1 existing video posted a while ago.

Guaranteed ranking with 1stPageRanker?

The results look promising as I am sure you will agree but you have to be cautious with live events. Many have been concerned about using this method just in case their channel gets banned for spamming.

There are never any guarantees, Google could change the algorithms overnight and they may not rank as well but they are working now.

Best practices to keep your YouTube channel safe

Don’t be silly and stand aimlessly spamming for some quick hits – that’s not the way to do it! YouTube will flag too many live events. Try with fresh channels to get the hang of it.

Follow these steps to keep your channel safe

Use a channel with existing videos – or upload standard videos first
Only initial 2-3 events per channel per day
Use good quality thumbnails (Thumbnail Blaster)
Add keyword to title, description and tags
Use common sense, don’t spam!

I have tried with fresh channels and existing channels with videos. The first video was on a channel that I just created with no videos and it was ranking number 1 but for safety, post on channels with videos. Even simple videos will do the job.

If you have an authority channel, you will rank high for tougher keywords but for new channels, don’t target weight loss etc as they are very competitive.

How much does 1stPageRanker cost?

1stPageRanker costs $47 but for a limited time, if you purchase via my link you get $10 so it will cost $37. You could literally make that back in minutes with a good affiliate sale!

1stPageRanker OTOs

With a cloud-based tool such as this, there are maintenance costs to keep the app up to date and working. There are several OTOs for 1stPageRanker.

FE (Front End) – $37-$47
OTO 1 Pro – $67 one time $27 Monthly
OTO 2 Rebrander – $47
DS 2 Rebrander – $37 (Downsell)
OTO 3 Video/SEO Suite – $67
DS 3 Video/SEO Suite – $57 (Downsell)
OTO 4 Reseller – $197 – $247
DS 4 Reseller – $147 (Downsell)

FE Front End

The front end product will satisfy most beginners and would probably be fine for me. You get 30 channels and 30 scheduled videos which is enough to get started.

OTO 1 Pro

The Pro upgrade is worth it if you have multiple YouTube channels and you want to really broaden your income from different niches and products. You get a multi-spin event tool which is usually a separate tool, spintax creator, unlimited events and unlimited channels, 20 events per day per channel, parallel streaming, advanced random event creation and more.

This is useful if you really want to drill down on a niche and dominate the results page with multiple listings for the same product, you can quickly spin the title, description, tags and even the video and send to multiple channels with a few clicks.

OTO 2 Rebrander

I didn’t opt for this as I create my own videos but this is another sneaky tool, you can choose creative commons videos and rebrand them with lower third, music, text overlays etc and repost – saving you the complete video creation process – a great time saver.

OTO 3 Video & SEO suite

This is another OTO I didn’t need but it has some great features including ranking checker, SEO analyser for your website or videos, instant tips to improve ranking, advanced dashboard and much more.

OTO 4 Reseller

This give you a reseller licence, the creator will give you special advanced training and show you how to make money with advanced tips and tricks.


If you buy via my links, I will send you these bonuses worth $497 completely free as a thank you for trusting me.

Bonus 1: YouTube Authority – Ebook
Bonus 2: YouTube Authority – Video Course
Bonus 3: YouTube Channel SEO V2 – Video Course
Bonus 4: Online Video Marketing Secrets – Video Course

As a special bonus, I will send you a private link to a video of me ranking a product number 1 from beginning to end.

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